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  • How To Escape The Uncertainty And Overwhelm
  • How To Get More Money Into Your Bank Account
  • The Real SECRET For Creating Passive Income
  • How To Obtain Freedom To Enjoy The Life You Choose​​​​​​​

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"This is honest, brilliant, and full of energy. Love this guy. I'm still amazed at how much I've learned."  - Tom Woods, Best-Selling Author 

"The thoroughness in the way you present, and deliver is priceless. You are good! We feel like we have finally found a home. Thanks for all you are doing."  Sam & Cindy Malinowsky 

"He is among the best online marketers in the world. What I've learned from him has and will continue to be life changing." Kevin Tarquinio

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Beyond just successfully earning money online for over 20 years ... 

he has worked with businesses, celebrities, professional athletes, and authors to help them bring their offers to market. 

And also been behind many successful product launches online

reaching a global audience with millions of sales. 

He is a partner in the longest running PLR membership website online and has spoken at numerous events worldwide.

He also presents his radio show which is aired in multiple states across the USA!  

He has also produced a SAG feature film. 

He has successfully sold multiple businesses for people and pocketed a very handsome commission in the process.

Selling one company for $780,000 in under 30 days! 

The point of sharing this is to highlight the fact that your presenter knows sales!

Whether it is selling people in the movie business or selling an entire company or simply selling digital products.

He bring a vast amount of experience to your training!

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